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Frequently Asked Questions

What is United States Real Estate Corporation?

United States Real Estate Corporation is a real estate investment company that offers institutional grade financial services and real estate investments. Our company was formed in 2005 by experienced real estate professionals to advise institutional investors regarding the acquisition and development of U.S. Federal Government leased real estate. Since then, our company has broadened its focus to other real estate asset classes.

Is "" a peer-to-peer marketplace?

No. All investments are directly managed by United States Real Estate Corporation.

What type of real estate assets does the United States Real Estate Corporation and/or related companies invest in?

A mix of residential and commercial real estate equity and debt. See our Private Placement Memorandum for additional information.

Do you accept institutional investment?

Yes.Please contact for investments exceeding $10,000,000.

When/how is interest paid?

December 31st of every year and when the investment matures. Funds must be invested for at least one quarter before interest is paid. A 30/360 day-count convention is used to calculate interest.

What happens when my investment matures?

Credits for mature investments will show up in your account summary as "Available to Invest".

Why do I need to provide a Social Security Number/Employer Identification Number?

The IRS requires us to collect a tax identification number for tax reporting purposes.

How can I recover my password?

While signing in, click the “forgot password” link and furnish the information requested. You will receive an email that will allow you to reset your password.

Is United States Real Estate Corporation hiring?

Send a resume to

Where should I send media inquiries?

Send media requests to

What is United States Real Estate Corporation’s mailing address?

United States Real Estate Corporation,
2629 Townsgate Road,
Suite 110,
Westlake Village, CA 91361

What is United States Real Estate Corporation’s phone number?

(888) 333-FINANCE or (888) 333-3462